eddie / 22
trans & gay / any prns (no it/its)
pisces sun & libra moon & cancer rising

background by Mika0007

i dont have a dni but general criteria stands. basically fuck off if you’re racist, islamophobic, antisemitic, transphobic, a terf, gender-crit, truscum, a pedophile (minor-attracted adult or w/e the hell u want to call yrself. when i say pedo i mean you guys too.) or if you're NOT a member of a certain oppressed group but request that said group cw or sugarcoat their anger/experiences for your comfort (e.g. you're white but want black folk to not express anger about anti-black violence or police brutality) etc.

for kin dni, don't interact with me if you're kin with something like south park or killing stalking, are factkin, kin characters like henry bowers or billy hardgrove, or are anti-double only because anti-double ppl are kind of annoying : (


Edward Kapsbrak ( IT 2017/2019 )


Will Byers ( Stranger Things )
Jolteon ( Pokémon )
Rocket Raccoon ( MCU )
Kicks ( Animal Crossing )
Vaughn ( TFTBL )
The Mandalorian( Star Wars )


Black Dog
Galarian Zigzagoon ( Pokémon )


Minun ( Pokémon )
C-3PO ( Star Wars )
K-2S0 ( Star Wars )
Chewbacca ( Star Wars )

special interests currently are medical science, surrealist art, and reptiles.